Backwards Mixing: How Mixing in Reverse Leads to Better, Faster Mixes

Rob Mayzes, founder of Home Studio Center   by Rob Mayzes


Backwards MixingHave you ever considered mixing backwards?

Rather than starting with individual channels – or the fundamentals (like the kick and bass)…

You could mix in reverse, starting with the mix buss (master fader) and working backwards to the individual channels.

In fact, mixing this way has a number of benefits:

  • It allows you to mix faster (speed is important when mixing)
  • Faster mixing allows you to remain excited throughout the mix
  • Big wins early on increase your confidence
  • You can finish a mix with fewer plugins
  • You can focus on the bigger picture (and the music) rather than finer, less important details
  • Ultimately it leads to better, faster mixes

In part 7 of the One Month EQ Challenge, I’m going to break down the Backwards Mixing technique.

Simply follow the step-by-step system I reveal in the video. This new way of working could significantly improve your mixes.

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